2008 News Items

31 December 2008 - December meeting minutes

The minutes from the December meeting (PDF) are now available.

16 December 2008 - December '08 Edition of the PCAA Newsletter now available online

The December '08 edition of The Dirt should be arriving in PCAA members' mailboxes shortly. In case you missed the printed version, it's now available online in PDF (203KB) format.

22 November 2008 - November meeting minutes

The minutes from the November meeting are now available.

21 October 2008 - October meeting minutes

The minutes from the October meeting are now available.

08 October 2008 - Gilman township route updates

Gilman township has agreed to extend their ATV Route ordinance for another year until Sept 30th, 2009. 3 sections of road were also added to hopefully allow connectivity to El Paso township and the Red Barn at some point the in the future. Details are on the Maps page.

06 October 2008 - Trimbelle township route updates

Trimbelle township has ammended their ATV route ordinance to open all township roads, including dead ends, to ATV travel when they are signed as such. The PCAA is in the process of getting the dead ends resigned.

19 September 2008 - September meeting minutes

The minutes from the September meeting are now available.

11 September 2008 - Spring Lake township ATV Route changes

The Spring Lake town board voted on September 11th to extend their ATV Route ordinance for an additional two years, as well as to open the dead-end town roads as ATV Routes.

3 September 2008 - Spring Valley ATV Route changes

On September 3rd the Spring Valley Village Board voted to open all roads in Spring Valley to ATV travel when signed as an ATV Route. The Spring Valley Chapter of the PCAA will be taking care of signing roads as the requests come in.

20 August 2008 - August Election and Annual Meeting minutes

The minutes from the August Election and Annual meeting are now available.

Eric Markwardt was reelected President, Dick Wall was reelected Secretary, and Dave Swenson was elected to the Board of Directors.

31 Jul 2008 - August '08 Edition of the PCAA Newsletter now available online

The August '08 edition of The Dirt should be arriving in PCAA members' mailboxes shortly. In case you missed the printed version, it's now available online in either PDF (245KB) or MS Word (1289KB) formats.

28 July 2008 - July meeting minutes

The minutes from the July meeting are now available.

26 July 2008 - ATV access to downtown Spring Valley now available

picture of the Spring Valley signing crew

A combination of an ATV Route and the first public ATV trail in Pierce County are now in place and allowing ATV riders access to food and gas in downtown Spring Valley. Shown above is part of the group that completed the trail and route acquisition, building, and signing. From left to right are Ruth and Jeff Esanbock, Joe DeGross, Ed Helmke, and Ben Esanbock. Missing from the picture are Mark Mattison, Mike and Denise Guell, and Andy Vorlicek.

Special thanks go out to Bob and Mary Ann Richardson for being the first private landowners to open their property for ATV use and to Mark Mattison and Joe DeGross for the use of their heavy equipment for widening a private stretch of trail.

20 July 2008 - PCAA club ride in Chippewa County

On July 19th a small group of PCAA members rode the trails of Chippewa County, WI. Attending were Darren Place, Shane Lardahl, Dick Wall, and Eric Markwardt. Pictures from the ride are below.

Eric Markwardt's 2008-07-19 Chippewa County Ride photoset Eric Markwardt's 2008-07-19 Chippewa County Ride photoset


15 July 2008 - Village of Ellsworth update

On July 14th the Ellsworth Village Board approved ATV routes which will allow the connection of Trimbelle township to Ellsworth township, as well as providing an option for ATVs to get gas and food in East Ellsworth. As soon as the ordinance is posted in the Pierce County Herald the routes will be signed and opened for ATV travel.

09 July 2008 - Hartland township public hearing update

Larry Johnson and several others attended the July 8th Hartland township public hearing regarding opening their town roads to ATV travel. The attendees against opening up the roads outnumbered the people for it by a significant margin so the town board tabled any action on the route ordinance for at least 2 months.

06 July 2008 - Blue Hills Ride pics

Pictures from the July 5, 2008 PCAA club ride to the Blue Hills near Birchwood, WI, are now posted on the Pics page.

30 June 2008 - Cheese Curd Festival Parade

Eric and Tony in the parade

Eric Markwardt and Tony Brantner lead the PCAA float through the Cheese Curd Festival parade in Ellsworth. Scott Jones and several others did a great job of putting together a float with a theme of ATV safety and education.

27 June 2008 - June meeting minutes

The minutes from the June meeting are now available.

17 June 2008 - ATV route map now available for download

A map of the approved ATV routes in Pierce County is now available on the Maps page. Note that although routes are shown in Martell township they haven't been signed yet and thus are not legal to ride on.

07 June 2008 - Trimbelle township route signing completed

Signing of the ATV Routes in Trimbelle township was completed on Saturday, June 7th by Darren Place, Tony Brantner, Shane Lardahl, Bert Brickner, Ron Anderson, and Eric Markwardt. The designated routes in Trimbelle are now open for riding!

31 May 2008 - First ever trail patrol in Pierce County

pic of Larry Johnson and 
     Eric Markwardt out on trail patrol

On Saturday, May 31, 2008, Dick Wall, Larry Johnson, and Eric Markwardt donned their Wisconsin Trail Patrol Ambassador vests and hit the ATV routes in eastern Spring Lake township for 3 hours and about 36 miles of riding. This was the first ever trail patrol event to happen in Pierce County. Additional patrols will be happening throughout the Summer on all of the routes/trails in Pierce County.

31 May 2008 - Gilman township ATV route signing completed

Members from the Spring Valley chapter of the PCAA signed the ATV routes in Gilman township on Saturday, May 31, 2008. Now that the signs are up it's legal to ride ATVs on a limited number of township roads in Gilman township. See the Maps page for more details on the routes through Gilman township.

28 May 2008 - May meeting minutes

The minutes from the May meeting are now available.

24 May 2008 - Ellsworth ATV Route signing completed

On Saturday, May 24th, signing of the ATV Routes in Ellsworth township was completed by Ron Anderson, Larry Johnson, Tony Brantner, Todd Johnson, Jared(?) Johnson, and Eric Markwardt of the PCAA. Now that the signs are posted it's legal to ride ATVs on 450th Ave, 610th St, and 570th Ave between 610th St and the Village of Ellsworth. See the Maps page for more details.

13 May 2008 - Trimbelle Township adopts an ATV Route ordinance

At their May monthly meeting the Trimbelle Town Board voted to adopt an ordinance permitting ATVs on all Trimbelle township roads. Signing will take place after the ordinance has been published in the Pierce County Herald. Remember that routes are not open until the signs are posted!

11 May 2008 - First ATV Route signs placed in Spring Lake Township

Spring Lake Township route 
   signing crew

The first ATV Route signs in Pierce County were hung by a group of PCAA volunteers on Saturday, May 10th. Roughly 3 hours of work was all it took for the group to get the signs placed. Additional photos from the day are in the Gallery section of the forums.

Prior to signing the routes in Spring Lake township, a pancake breakfast fund-raiser was held at Sneakers in Spring Valley. $200 was generated for the PCAA by this event. Thanks to Ruth Esanbock and the crew at Sneakers for putting this on!

07 May 2008 - WI DNR ATV Safety class now available online

Operators of all terrain vehicles (ATV) now have a convenient online method to receive ATV Safety Certification through an Internet Web page introduced by the state Department of Natural Resources. "This should prove very beneficial to young adult operators and out-of-state operators who need ATV Safety Certification," said Gary Eddy, DNR all-terrain vehicle administrator. All operators at least age 12 and born on or after Jan. 1, 1988 must complete an ATV Safety Certification course in order to operate on public ATV trails and areas in Wisconsin. "The internet course may not be for everyone. Parents will have to gauge whether an internet course is the best fit for their child. For some students, young and old, a classroom course with instructors and hands-on learning may be a better fit," said Eddy. Both courses provide basic information on how to operate an ATV safely and responsibly, but they don't make you an expert rider. The Internet course is available at www.offroad-ed.com/wi. Check the DNR's Upcoming Recreational Safety Education Classes Web page to find classroom courses available around the state.

"Students must continue to practice what they've learned in their ATV Safety Course and parents need to reinforce what has been taught." FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Gary Eddy, All-Terrain Vehicle Administrator, (608) 267-7455 or Karl Brooks, DNR Law Enforcement - (608) 266-7820

24 Apr 2008 - New Maps page added

Check out the new Maps page for additional details on the ATV Routes and trails around Pierce County.

23 Apr 2008 - April '08 Edition of the PCAA Newsletter now available online

An updated version of the April '08 edition of The Dirt should be arriving in PCAA members' mailboxes shortly. In case you missed the printed version, it's now available online in either PDF (649KB) or MS Word (1784KB) formats. If you grabbed a copy of the previous version of the April '08 edition you'll probably want to download it again as many changes updates were made after the last monthly meeting.

22 Apr 2008 - Updates from the April monthly meeting

The minutes from the April meeting are now available.

Gilman township has approved the opening of a corridor to allow ATVs to ride between Martell and Spring Lake townships. The corridor will be on 770th Ave from the border with Martell township east to 750th Ave, east on 750th to 410th St, south on 410th to 690th St, and then east on 690th to Olivet and the border with Spring Lake township.

Martell township will be opening all of their town roads to ATV traffic once the PCAA has completed signing the roads. Trimbelle township will be voting on their ATV Route ordinance at their next monthly meeting on May 13th.

15 Apr 2008 - Ellsworth Township approves ATV Route Ordinance

On April 14th the Ellsworth Town Board voted to approve ATV Routes on 450th Ave, 610th St, and 570th Ave west of 610th St to the Village of Ellsworth. Other township roads will be open for residents to access the ATV Routes.

Since Ellsworth Township has approved the routes, this should also trigger the approval of them in Martell and Trimbelle townships. Martell had passed their ATV Route ordinance contingent upon a neighboring township approving routes, and Trimbelle was waiting for a neighboring township to approve routes before voting on their ordinance.

27 Mar 2008 - Highlights from the March meeting

The March meeting was held at the Big Horn Bar in Beldenville on Monday, March 17th.

The next monthly meeting will be held on Monday, April 21st at Sneakers in Spring Valley.

28 Feb 2008 - Ellsworth Township to vote on ATV Ordinance

Per Larry Johnson, the Ellsworth Town Board will vote on the ATV Ordinance at the Town Annual Meeting at 6:30pm on Monday, April 14th.

17 Feb 2008 - PCAA club ride pics posted

A few pictures from the PCAA club ride in Clark County on Saturday, February 16th, are now posted in the Gallery section of the web forums.

10 people attended the ride. The weather was beautiful -- sunny and about 28 degrees -- so a great time was had by all. Several deer and 3 wild turkeys were spotted during the ~60 mile ride.

13 Feb 2008 - Martell Township ATV Route status

The Martell Town Board voted to tentatively approve ATV Routes in the township at their February 12th meeting. The one stipulation they had, however, was that the neighboring townships (primarily Ellsworth and Gilman) also had to approve ATV Route ordinances so that Martell would not be an island for ATVs.

El Paso township has also decided not to hold a referendum after all. We're still waiting to hear what the Town Board there has decided.

27 Jan 2008 - ATV Route status updates

On Tuesday, January 8th, the Spring Lake Town Board voted to approve an ordinance permitting the operation of ATVs on designated township roads for a 6 month probationary period of April 1st to September 30th, 2008. The PCAA will be required to have signing in place prior to April 1st or the ordinance will not go into effect.

The Ellsworth and El Paso Town Boards voted to hold referendums on April 1st and ask the residents of each township whether or not they'd like to have the township roads opened to ATV traffic. Ellsworth and El Paso residents, it's critically important that you vote in favor of this referendum if you'd like to be able to ride your ATVs on township roads. Encourage your friends and neighbors to do so as well. The PCAA will be working on a PR campaign in the near future to help drum up support for the passage of these referendums.

The Martell Town Board will be voting on the passage of an ATV Route Ordinance at their February monthly meeting. Initial indications are that this ordinance change has a good chance of passing.

Gilman Township is having a public hearing at 7:30pm on Monday, January 28th, to answer any questions the general public might have about the ATV Route Ordinance being proposed by the PCAA. PCAA members, especially those residing in Gilman Township, are encouraged to attend to show support for this ordinance change.

25 Jan 2008 - Jan '08 Edition of the PCAA Newsletter now available online

The January '08 edition of the PCAA Newsletter should be arriving in PCAA members' mailboxes shortly. In case you missed the printed version, it's now available online in either PDF (277KB) or MS Word (1188KB) formats.